Charcoal Grilling Tips and Tricks You Should Know

charcoal grill

Foody people? In fact barbecue lovers would be more appropriate. Here comes a “do it yourself” kind of an article, which is simply going to make your life much easier. If you are a die-hard fan of grilling and also a party person, find it hard to arrange a barbecue party by your own, so now there is no need to panic. This article is going to be an informative for those who are beginners, and with a few tips and tricks about grilling you can have a spectacular party at your home or anywhere.

1. Air Flow

Grilled food is tasty, but grilling could be dangerous for you, if you are not aware with it. When I am grilling I keep it into my notice that the flow of air would be in my opposite position, like the wind blow on my back. This way I will not trouble myself to have the smoke in my eyes through grilling.

2. Setting up the Grill

First of all, you need a charcoal grill and chimney starter. There are a lot of charcoal grills available in the market that you can simply buy and start grilling. Read this komodo kamado review and find out more about charcoal grills in the market. If you do not have any charcoal grill, so here is a tip. You can make your own. All you need are bricks and thin iron rods. The number of bricks would depend on the size you require for grilling, so place a few bricks on the floor and then make a boundary around it with the help of more bricks. If you don’t have thin iron rods, you can use chopsticks and cover them with silver foil. You can either place the foiled sticks on the boundary or put the sticks through the meat and then put those on the boundary.

barbecue charcoal grill

Ignite the charcoals with the help of newspapers. Spread the oil on the newspapers and set them on fire. Now fill the space with charcoals leaving one and a half inch below to the surface, then leave them for half an hour to glow properly. This trick can be applied to your homemade or any other charcoal grill except the fancy ones. There are charcoal grills available in the market for which you need to spark the charcoals separately and then put into the space on the grill.

3. Grill it

If the meat you want to grill is thick, flip it time to time because it takes time to cook fully. If you do not do it this way, it will burn from the outside and will not cook from the inside. If the meat is not tendered, add some papaya pulp along with the other ingredients or simply spread some through a spoon or a brush.

3. Cleaning

After grilling, the hardest thing to do is cleaning. The crust gets stuck to the rod which is difficult to remove. For that, you just through the grill hard on the ground, then take a sponge and cut it into cubes in a way that the cubes remain attached to the base. Now use some detergent and rub the rods with the sponge. The cubes will clean each rod perfectly.

4. Chose the Right Temperature

For setting charcoals’ temperature, you can use specially design thermometers. But there is a cheap way too, take any two beverage bottles, let’s say 1 liter bottle and 1.5 liters, cut their basis, now put the bottle A from its base to the bottle B’s. Free bottle B from its cap and here we go, your fan to handle the charcoals’ temperature.

I hope this article will assist you in many ways, but still be careful. I just shared the basic tips about grilling. With time to time and practice you will learn more. Enjoy your time.